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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Essential Dentistry

First Appointment

Dr. McKelvey's OfficeUsually, the first appointment will be a cleaning and check-up. Our skilled and experienced hygienists will take only necessary x-rays (typically bite-wing x-rays and a panoramic x-ray, other films may be taken as needed), and clean your teeth. The hygienist may give you tips on keeping your teeth and gums in good health. The dentist will then check your teeth for any problems that may be present. Any questions that you have will be addressed. Treatment options will be discussed with you. If a more thorough consultation is needed, an appointment will be scheduled for you.


Dr. Padley's OfficeA filling is done in a tooth usually because of new decay or an older filling needs replacement. Local anesthesia is needed most of the time for comfort of the patient. The decay or old filling is removed carefully until the tooth surface is sound enough for the filling. Usually a bonded tooth colored filling is placed. Depending on the location of the filling, another type of material may be placed, including a lab constructed fillng material. After the filling is placed, adjustments will be done. Typically, the anesthesia will last a couple of hours after the filling is completed. Be very careful not to bite on your cheek or tongue while you are numb! If the tooth feels high to bite on or the tooth is sensitive, let your dentist know. It may need a slight adjustment to correct the bite.


Dentist chairTypically, we will have you return for your next cleaning in six months. There are those who do need more frequent cleanings. The dentist and hygienist will determine the need for more frequent cleanings based on the health of your gums, as well as the amount of build up that you have on your teeth. If we can keep the amount of build up down, usually your gums will be healthier.